Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fido Friendly Article!

The Ice Cream Man Is Coming: For Dogs? You Bet!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Written by: Carol Bryant
In my travels down life’s highways and internet bi-ways, I encounter some really fun, unique and interesting people and ideas.
How fun was it then for the name “Poochsicles” to scroll across the Twitterverse. This is the ice cream man of our youth coming down the street for your pooch!
As Poochsicles tells us, “Your kids arenʼt the only ones who will enjoy a tasty treat from the ice cream man this summer. The Pooch-Sicles & Bark Bites truck is getting ready to hit the streets of Atlanta delivering tasty treats for manʼs best friend.
Pooch-Sicles will be serving up healthy soy, corn and grain free treats made from mostlyorganic ingredients. For as little as $2.00, your pooch can choose from frozen treats and non-frozen, dairy-free baked goods. Pooch-Sicles will also offer other items like poop bags and toys. Canine customers will be able to purchase their treats via a walk-up window on the side of the truck. Cash and credit cards will be accepted.
Pooch-Sicles is the brainchild of Chicago native, Kim Bohstedt. “I am a huge animal lover and activist who wanted to provide healthy treat options for dogs and offer a fun, exciting, and unique experience for their owners,” said Bohstedt.
“After I came up with this idea, I did my research and found that the first ever doggy ice cream truck launched in the UK, then I came across one that opened in LA. I also just heard of one that launched in my hometown of Chicago,” she added. “The response has been very positive, I have had so many people intrigued about my business! They have all asked me to let them know when I will be launching, many of them are already following Pooch-Sicles on Twitter and are fans of thePooch-Sicles and Bark Bites Facebook page! It has had such a good response that I am looking at franchising in the future.”
The brand new Pooch-Sicles truck made its debut at PAWS Atlanta on Saturday, June 25 and is already scheduled to appear at several upcoming events.
If you are interested in having the Pooch-Sicles truck stop in your neighborhood, send an email:poochsicles@gmail.com or call: 847-409-1196.”

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